Brunch and music Saturday?

As mentioned earlier, there will be a wakeup afternoon gettogether at the café Din Nye Ven Saturday the 17th. You’re all very welcome. The café opens at 10 A.M. and the bands will start playing sometime after 12. The Popfest fun will continue there until 5 P.M.
People with festival wristbands will get discounts on selected light foods and strong beverages (coffee and/or beer).
We’re hoping to see you all there.
Check the schedule and the venue pages for more info.


Your new friend for Saturday

Besides the events taking place @Huset-KBH we will host a sort of wake-up and get-together in the afternoon Saturday the 17th. This will be held in a café not far from Huset called Din Nye Ven (Danish for Your New Friend), and we’re happy to announce that a few additional bands will play in the café – and hopefully we’ll see many of you there for a coffee, hair-of-the-dog or just a chat in between the bands playing.

We will post more info about what time the event is and such, once we get a little closer, but for know let it be known that you’ll be able to catch a show from both
LONELY TOURIST and LOST SUMMER KITTEN there. Read more about the both of them here and check out Din Nye Ven through the link in the sidebar.