We presents the following great bands Friday and Saturday evening in Musikcafeen @Huset-KBH and in a nearby café called Din Nye Ven Saturday afternoon.
The schedule will inform which bands play which day.
Listen to them by clicking play below, listen/subscibe to a more thorough playlist on Spotify here, and scroll down to read more:

Alpaca Sports
Alpaca Sports
Out of Gothenburg and armed to the teeth with catchy pop tunes comes Alpaca Sports. They’re a seven piece indiepop band formed around songwriter Andreas Jonsson. In the band’s so far fairly short career they have released a string of impressive singles, and February ’14 saw the release of their debut album “Sealed with a kiss”.
Alpaca Sports’ musical universe evokes the sense of long summer nights and innocent teenage romance, elegantly wrapped in well crafted indiepop tunes. Homepage | Listen

Close Lobsters (Scotland)
Close Lobsters
Close Lobsters is a five-piece jangle pop band with neo-psychedelic influences, who reemerged on the surface in 2012 from a hiatus that had seen them submerged since 1989. Before this point Close Lobsters managed to put out two albums and some EPs, which were all brilliant and by some rated among some of the best that came out in the late-’80s U.K. indie scene.
The band was formed in the Scottish town of Paisley (prophetically enough, given the band’s psychedelic tendencies) in 1985 by singer Andrew Burnett and drummer Stewart McFayden. The pair couldn’t decide between the names The Close and The Lobsters, thus they simply combined the two names. When their song “Fire Station Towers” showed up on the legendary NME cassette, C86, which lent its name to an entire movement of post-punk guitar bands, they gained some early notoriety, as they somehow seemed to have a greater commitment to melody than most of the other C86 bands. Their debut album ”Foxheads Stalk This Land” from ’87 and especially the EP ”What Is There to Smile About?” released in 1988 showed the world that Close Lobsters mastered a mix of jangle pop, hazy psychedelia, inscrutable lyrics, and monster guitar hooks. Their second album, Headache Rhetoric (’89) was darker and less immediately accessible than either of the band’s previous releases – but as Allmusic put it: ”It’s the sort of album that takes a while to sink in but packs a mighty wallop once it does”. Even though they were quite successful both in the U.K. and had toured the US, Close Lobsters decided to quietly call it a day back in 1989, and they went under ground.
However, sometime in 2012 there was electricity in the air. Close Lobsters reformed and played a live show in their original 5-member format at the Madrid Popfest followed by some other popfest performances and shows in Glasgow. Since then it has been possible to catch them ‘stalk these lands’ from time to time… And we’re so very excited to welcome the phantasmagoria and supermodernity of ”post-neo” Close Lobsters here in Copenhagen – for the first time.
”In a society that has abolished every kind of adventure the only adventure that remains is to abolish the society!” Homepage | Listen

The Felt Tips (Scotland)
The Felt Tips
The Felt Tips began to form in late 2005 when Miguel Navarro arrived in Glasgow from Spain hoping to start a band and replied to Andrew Paterson’s 18 month old ad for band members.  Previously botched attempts meant that Andrew had pretty much given up on his own dreams of being in a band and he was at first reluctant to meet up. Fortunately Miguel persisted and soon the pair had formed a strong musical bond, aided by a shared love of certain indiepop bands (for instance, both regularly wore Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci t-shirts).  Andrew’s childhood friend Neil soon joined on bass and the quartet was completed in 2008 with the arrival of Kevin ‘Hug’ Carroll on drums.
The quartet plays melodic guitar driven songs about your life – like that time you fumbled around with a condom in your darkened bedroom while trying to keep the mood alive. Well, The Felt Tips were there watching you. Homepage | Listen

The Garlands (Sweden)
The Garlands
The Garlands were formed in Stockholm in 2009 when Christin Wolderth and Roger Gunnarsson started writing short pop songs with a shared love for classic jangle pop. Since then, The Garlands have released singles with Atomic Beat, Cloudberry and Big Pink Cake Records and an album with Shelflife Records in 2012. The quintet plays upbeat, jangly indiepop, songs that are not only short and easy to dance to, but also bring back memories of some of the best late eighties, female-fronted UK guitar pop, but still with a touch of something fresh and pure. Homepage | Listen

Lost Tapes (Spain)
lost tapes
This duo from eastern Spain hasn’t yet released an overwhelming number of records. Still they have a lot of clear references to bands that ought to be found on every popfest attender’s favourite mixtapes and playlists. And listening to Lost Tapes is like listening to a well composed mixtape: At times the jangly guitars and poppy keyboard sound-textures bring out memories of the best C86 sounds. Other songs drown you in fuzz, jumpy bass lines or lovely blurred vocals reminding you of something released in the early years of Creation or Sarah Records. But either way listening to this mixtape gives you the feeling of something new; something you hadn’t expected or even heard before.
Lost Tapes must make it very difficult for genre-sorting addicts to place them in just one music category, which make them the perfect choise for a Popfest that just aim to make people, who love every decade of indiepop, dance, smile and not sort their vinyls … before they go home to make more mixtapes. Homepage | Listen

ONBC (Denmark)
ONBC are the artists formerly known as Oliver North Boy Choir. Back in 2007-2009 they released 8 EPs all exclusively on the internet, never performing live. The band was a trio back in those days consisting of Mikkel Max Hansen, Camilla Florentz and Ivan Petersen. Mikkel and Camilla were married then, and they had both been front’men’ in the semi-legendary indiepop band epo-555.
In 2012 the band reemerged on the surface; back with a vengeance and an addition to their lineup in the form of Tanja Forsberg Simonsen, known from the bands Superheroes and Private. They more or less quit the use of electronic drums and play their jangly guitar- and keyboard-driven dream pop with a nice, soft feel to it and lovely girl/girl vocals. Their latest single is from 2012, but rumors have it that there is new material bound for release close to the Popfest – their first live performance ever! Homepage | Listen

Pelle Carlberg (Sweden)
Pelle is a romantic soul with a soft voice, and he plays guitar driven folky pop songs with extremely catchy chorusses. As a songwriter Pelle is best known for his quirky, yet also at times very direct or sarcastic lyrics on very specific topics. Be it about how much he hates to fly Ryan Air, how he handled a bad review of an album that his band Edson released or how a Facebook test showed that he had a mental age of 51.3, Pelle has the sollution made out in his songs.
Pelle has played in different bands since 1988 and since Edson has been on a hiatus for quite a while, Pelle has released three studio albums and toured a lot as a solo musician. He will perform at Copenhagen Popfest with his guitar and a smile, and as sure as the fact that clever girls like clever boys much more than clever boys like clever girls, we’re ensured an experience that wil get our feet tapping, our minds buzzing and maybe a melancholic tear drawn from the corner of our eyes. Homepage | Listen

The Proctors (England)
The Proctors
The Proctors originally formed back in 1993 around singer and guitarist Gavin Priest as a child of the late C86 / Sarah indiepop movement. They released a couple of EP’s and a ‘mini’ album, “Pinstripes and Gentlemen” before calling it a day in 1997.
In 2009 Priest chose to reform the band and began working on new material, which emerged on 2013’s excellent “Everlasting Light” – an album full of catchy, jangly pop songs, but with a thorough melancholic, autumnal undertone carried, mainly by Priest’s intimate, hushed vocals, not unlike that of Field Mice’s Bobby Wratten.
Listening to The Proctors is a bit like discovering a bunch of postcards from long forgotten friends; nostalgic, yes, but still emotionally moving and strangely uplifting. Homepage | Listen

Vit päls (Sweden)
Vit päls
Vit päls is the brainchild of Malmö’s Carl Johan Lundgren, and have since the beginning of the millennium been the home of Lundgren’s need to express his thoughts and reflections artisticly. They are now an established 7 piece band.
Throughout the years Vit päls have musically evolved from DIY recording their pop music leaning toward lo-fi aesthetics on their earlier albums, towards a more ‘well produced’ and genre-wise broader palette on their latest and brilliant offering ‘Ägd’.
Musically Vit Päls explores different styles, but always with a pop song and Lundgren’s simple but precise lyrics about life and how to live it at its core. Lundgren’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, as a lyricist or as a live performer, and Vit Päls has a reputation for energetic and very engaging performances. Homepage | Listen

Playing @Din Nye Ven Saturday afternoon is:

The Glow Cats (Denmark)
The Glow Cats
Formed in 2013, The Glow Cats are newcomers to the Copenhagen live scene, but the members have a fair amount of experience from their time in other bands (Roadside Poppies, Ampel and The Carlights). They play short, catchy songs about love and life with a comic approach in sound and lyrics. The band is fronted by the twins Klaus and Kasper on guitar and vocals, and Elise and Ditte on bass and drums. The band is currently working on their debut album, but they have released a number of EP’s including the eye-opening “Oh!” on Beta Snake Records. You can expect fast strumming guitars, bouncy basslines, and cheerfull tunes, when the cats start to glow. Homepage | Listen

Lonely Tourist (Scotland)
Lonely Tourist
Lonely Tourist is Bristol based Glaswegian Paul Tierney, who plays his own brand of ‘Beard-Pop’ – or ‘Pub-Step’ if you prefer.
Lonely Tourist’s latest album Shouting At Weather was released in March 2014 and we are pleased to welcome Paul with his acoustic guitar-based and infectious feet-tapping songs. You’re in for quite a show! Homepage | Listen

Lost Summer Kitten (Sweden)
Lost Summer Kitten
The Lost Summer Kittens reside in Sweden and use music to share their everyday moments with their fellow indiepoppers. They sing about morning tea, snowdrops in spring and moonlight adventures, all in harmonies and accompanied by glockenspiel, ukulele, handclap and what more. In the long Swedish winter the kittens are lost, but at Copenhagen Popfest, they’re found! Homepage | Listen