CPH – where to go

This page is an attempt to help you get the best stay in Copenhagen in case you’re travelling from abroad. To find the venue: Go here.

If you need a place to stay, here are some places you could check out:
The Copenhagen couchsurfing group on Facebook.
Airbnb – rent a room or an apartment.
CPH Downtown Hostel – Right around the corner from the venue.
Danhostel City – Largest hostel in Copenhagen, within walking distance of the venue.
Danhostel Amager – cheaper than above, a little further away, but easier to get to, if you’re travelling by car and relatively close to the Metro.

Getting around in Copenhagen
Public transportation is rather well structured, but walking and cycling is the thing really here in Copenhagen, as you can get anywhere whithin 10 mins. if you’re on a bike.
To get from the airport to the city, just use the metro.
If you plan to walk or cycle a lot, while you’re in Copenhagen it is probably overkill to buy anything but the single tickets you need or a 10-trip punch card (multiride ticket), but otherwise consider buying either a City Pass or a Copenhagen Card before arriving. These include free public transport; also to/from the airport.
For cheap bike rental, consider contacting our good friends at Baisikeli or some of the others that offer bike rentals.

Cafes, restaurants, bars and such
Our best recomendation is to just try something out. Copenhagen offers a wide variety of nightlife and places to ‘recover’ from it. Do consider some of the suggestions on Spotted By Locals, before making your choise though. There are hidden gems there.
For hanging out, snacks, coffee or just a beer: Of Course Din Nye Ven.
A recommendation for a restaurant is Spisehuset Rub & Stub.