Cheque please?

First of all: Sorry for not updating the homepage these last couple of days.
Organizing the popfest was fun, but also very time consuming, and we have only been capable of communicating through Facebook and Twitter.

But let’s be honest now: That all went pretty damn well, don’t you think?

A huge thanks to all the bands, who we’re all so danm nice, to you who turned up, listened, danced, sang along and tributed to the effort of making the popfest, what it became: The best weekend of our lives.

Please help us out one last time by sharing any videos or pictures that you took, so that there will be something for the archaeologists to find and prove that this actually happened. That it wasn’t just a nice long dream. There are already some available on YouTube and on our Facebook page. Keep them coming – please!

There is even a really nice review of Friday night by We’ve put the link under the “press” tab. If you find any other mentions surfing around. Do let us know about them…

That being said. We need a few weeks or months to let the dust settle, because it has been whirled up high this weekend. We need to sit down and do the math to figure out whether there will be a Copenhagen Popfest 2015 done by us. Chances now are pretty high, as it seems that our only remaining goal – to balance this to an economic status quo – has been reached.

The picture above is from this afternoon. We went back to Huset to clean and empty out the backstage room. After we did that, we took the refundable cans and bottles to turn them into cash. We bought a bottle of rum for it, as we thought that we deserved it.

If you come back in 2015, you’re not getting any – it will most likely have been drunk by then….

Long live indie pop!
We love you all!
/Kasper, Morten and Mikkel – signing off


…heard it on the radio

There are so many things to get excited about.
Today, Thursday the 15th, there is only one day until the fun begins.
Also today: Morten and Mikkel will be on national Danish radio from 4 – 5 pm (CEST) playing a few songs by some of the Popfest artists and talking about the why’s and whens.
Feel free to listen to our soft voices. It’s on DR P6 Beat – If you missed it, the interview is available through this link (scroll to about an hour in).