When: May 16th and 17th – Both days from 8 pm.

Where: The 2014 edition of Copenhagen Popfest will be held at Musikcafeen @ Huset.
In the afternoon of Saturday the 17th, there will be a fringe “wake-up” thing with a few bands playing live. This is held in a nearby café called Din Nye Ven.

Who and why? The first part is easy: We’re Kasper, Morten & Mikkel, who used to play in a band together. Now that we don’t, something was missing somehow.
We’ve attended a few popfests ourselves and even played one once – back in 2010, when Copenhagen hosted a Popfest last time. We’ve always been quite passionate about music, and we’ve had quite a few wishes for bands, we’d love to see play here – and then it struck us: Why not just invite some of them? Let’s raise a flag for indie pop in Copenhagen. That’s why!

Lineup: We will be presenting 9 bands in total for the main event and a few acts besides this on Din Nye Ven.

Tickets for the whole thing are 250 Danish kroner (roughly 34€) – single day tickets are 150 Danish kroner, and they’re availiable through Enkelbillet.