Let’s Make Some Plans!

We’re slowly closing up on a full program, as we now present number 6 and 7 in the promised lineup of 8 great bands to you all: We hope you’ll welcome


just as much as we’ve been excited to announce them to you. Close Lobsters are no strangers to playing popfests, and The Proctors are not forreigners to the terrain either, when you’ll get to see them, as they are also on the poster in Birmingham for the popfest there. They both bring even more janglyness, catchy chorusses and raw indiepop energy to Copenhagen Popfest in their own lovely and unique way; which means that you’ll now for sure need to bring more than one pair of dancing shoes along, simply to avoid wearing one pair completely out. If you’re hungry for more, curious or (hopefully) as thrilled as we are, go on and read / hear all about the both of them here. You won’t be disappointed!