First announcement

Since we launched the site yesterday, the hit counter has gone through the roof and the likes are still ticking in on Facebook.
Both things are great and we urge you to keep on sharing. There must be a message to share though, and all this liking has made us so happy that we’re going to reveal the first band for the lineup:

We proudly present to you… THE FELT TIPS.

The lads played in Copenhagen in 2011, and we were all three in the audience singing and dancing along to the tunes from their debut album. We’ve always secretly dreamed of welcoming them back to play their lovely tunes and sing their quirky, yet always clever and toungue-in-cheek’y lyrics here. With their release of a second album last year and us hosting a popfest, time finally caught up on those dreams. Read and listen some more here.

The Felt Tips